5 Best WordPress Square Payment Plugins for Your Online Store?

5 Best WordPress Square Payment Plugins for Your Online Store?

Are you looking for multiple ways to implement effective payment gateway solutions for your WordPress site to accept payments from your customers on your website instantly? Then you’ve reached the right place. According to the reports, over 40% of sites on the internet that uses WordPress? For a beginner, the conventional content management system (CMS) software is easy to adapt and social processes and has the accurate and best tool to benefit from the digital marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and vice versa.

Furthermore, the WordPress Square payment plugins can also be. Hence, in this blog, we’ll discuss some of the high-level WordPress payment plugins to set up a payment gateway to enable customers to pay with PayPal, credit cards and eventually use a Bitcoin that leverages on your site.

What is a Payment Plugin?

A payment plugin is a seamless feature for almost every website, from online stores to business blogs and freelance websites. Using the WordPress payment plugins, you can simply add a square payment gateway for WordPress on your blog to process simple payments via PayPal and credit cards.

It helps you to be able to sell products, services, membership programs directly to your site without having to depend on third-party platforms or having to pay expensive platform expenditures or charges. After you’ve installed a payment plugin, it will eventually set up a checkout page or a checkout form on your WordPress-enabled site and enable customers to pay for your products or services. The distinguishing payment plugins come equipped with multiple features, and we’ll have a look at certain plugins below:

1)  WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress

WP EasyPay is a safe and secure WordPress plugin that acts as a medium to receive Square payments on your website. You can automatically receive credit card payments online without any complicated shopping cart process and other relevant setups using the WordPress square payment plugin.

You can easily receive donations and recurring payments within seconds, and the frictionless payment flow enables your business to begin transfers almost at any timeframe. Likewise, you can implement multiple tabs to your checkout form, consisting of the products you want to trade online. Significantly, each tab has multiple options containing product images, prices, setting labels, and quantities. Also, you can transfer and download transaction invoices and have the additional functions of choosing fields based on your preferences.

2)  WooSquare Pro

WooSquare Pro authenticates you to migrate and coordinate your orders, products, and types among Square and WooCommerce. Using the help of WooSquare Pro, you can control things simultaneously, such as orders, customers, products, accounts, and payments profoundly and effectively. Likewise, you can familiarize yourself with the seamless WooCommerce Square B2B payment gateway plugin, which can complete all the tasks from receiving payments to managing stocks and vice versa.

The average product data can be easily synchronized between WooCommerce and Square POS, including prices, quantities, images, alternatives, and categories. It seems to be an automatic synchronization function that helps you to reduce the tedious work and makes your workflow parameters quite effective and easier. Also, WooSquare Pro enables you to refund management between WooCommerce and Square easily.

3)  Square for GiveWP

Square for GiveWP is a seamless WordPress plugin that enables users to pay for donations via the Square payment gateway. This plugin is specifically designed to create your donation form and incorporate your Square payment configuration, enabling users to pay using the credit card number. Any type of payment for donations will feature an option for the users to pay by using the credit card information, and this payment will be integrated with the Square account.

Not using this plugin, it seems possible to accept recurring payments and enables users to pay for donations in both simple and recurring donations simply. With the usage of this plugin, you can create your tailor-made donation form consisting of improved features to add your desired fields.

Likewise, you can install, activate, and configure it instantly through the WordPress platform. Hence, you need to integrate your Square payment method via navigating to the donations (GiveWP) from your WordPress admin dashboard. After being hooked into the dashboard, you can move your cursor to the settings, click on Payment Gateway, click on Square, and simply integrate with the Square button and select your location.

4)  Square for WooCommerce

Square for WooCommerce is a freemium WordPress extension that is developed and managed by the WooCommerce platform itself. Integrating the WooCommerce platform with the Square payment gateway has long been awaited on the top of the wish-list of content executives, digital marketers, and SEO strategists who sell online and offline marketing tactics in the consumer segments.

Today, there are multiple solutions available that include both free and paid Square for WooCommerce plugins. By using both plugins, you can easily use Square as a payment gateway on your WooCommerce site and ensure that inventory, prices, and products can be synchronized between your physical Square POS and your online WooCommerce store. The Square for WooCommerce integration helps you combine the most robust and powerful eCommerce platform consisting of the simplest and most affordable POS solution into a package suitable for professional and other small business owners and retailers.

5)  Pay With Square Using Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Square plugin is a seamless and powerful WordPress plugin that enables users to pay via the Square payment method from their contact form.

Furthermore, this plugin helps you create a form that can be integrated with the Square payment configurations, enabling users to pay from a credit card number identical to any product purchased via the contact form that will allow users to pay using credit card data. Likewise, this payment will be implemented with the Square account.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, Square Integration with WooCommerce Platform enables users to experience a seamless payment gateway exposure in online shopping, managing eCommerce business transactions. Furthermore, these plugins are helpful to retrieve transactions obtained from the marketing campaigns such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year, and more.

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