A Career in Web Development

A Career in Web Development


Android apps are software programs created specifically for use on mobile devices. Basically this software has been designed to run on a number of popular mobile operating systems. As the software is being developed and tested it changes in functionality, appearance and capabilities. The need for developers arises and hence software developers are required.

Android software development means developing, designing, testing and maintaining web applications that needs to be hosted in a mobile environment. This web application development also ensures the security and reliability of the web applications. The main requirement of the Android web applications development is to make sure that the applications do not contain any virus, spyware or harmful code that may harm the users. Since web applications are accessed through mobile handsets users are highly susceptible to security vulnerabilities of web applications accessed through these handsets. Development of Android applications requires programming language familiarity and sufficient expertise in this programming language. Android applications development also requires the support of different devices like smartphones, tablets, PDAs, Windows mobile and other mobile devices.

There are many companies offering Android software development services. Some offer both web design and software design along with the Android software development. Web design enables the web developer to create an attractive design with the use of graphics, text and images. Android web design enables the web designer to create a unique layout for a specific device using a standard set of tools.

There are several factors that determine the development process of Android apps. These factors include the market demand for android apps, the software’s compatibility with the platform, the device compatibility and user’s requirements. The apps designed for android devices can run on a variety of operating systems like BlackBerry OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile OS, iPhone OS, and Blackberry OS. Moreover, the software’s compatibility ensures that the app can be used in a wide range of devices including televisions, laptops, desktop computers and hand held phones. Users can install apps on their phone and use them in the future.

Android mobile development has created a huge opportunity in the global markets. With a huge population of users, a large percentage of whom are expected to access the internet via their mobile phones, there is a great scope for online business development. Android web design offers ample opportunities for technical analysis because of the open source nature of the platform and the plethora of tools available to developers. Technical analysis of web and Android apps requires proficiency in various technologies such as Java, XML, C/C++, JavaScript, Android SDK, Android debug tools etc. It also requires extensive knowledge of the Android APIs.

Android programming languages are fast developing. They are expected to become more popular due to the enhanced performance provided by the hardware and the improvement in the web standards set by Google. The additional functionality offered by web browsers like Chrome and Safari is also encouraging further development of mobile applications. Developers are required to be skilled in the usage and maintenance of the android operating system. Web designing and mobile applications need specialized knowledge.

Mobile application developers must possess technical skills to design web interfaces. CSS is a programming language that helps in styling web pages. Progressive web design which uses sophisticated JavaScript languages along with web design language is another emerging technology for developing mobile applications. Advanced device specification based on density, contrast, brightness and color management are some of the technologies used in progressive web design.

As the target audience for web and android applications is increasing, it is important to be proficient in various programming languages. This will help in obtaining work as per the requirement from clients. The industry is growing at a faster pace and thus the chances of securing a good job also increase. Career options are increasing in a rapidly growing industry and therefore today web design and mobile development professionals can look forward to a bright future.

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