A Growing Career Scope

A Growing Career Scope


The major difference between web design and mobile development is just that web design normally focuses on iPhones and Android smartphones, while mobile development usually focuses on tablets and other similar hand held devices. But what’s the difference between web design and mobile development? Basically the main difference is that web design normally aims to make a website attractive to a mass audience while mobile development aims to make a mobile app attractive to a specific audience. This difference in approach has led to some pretty interesting hybrid applications that combine aspects of both approaches. Let’s take a look at some examples.

For a web design, a lot of thought goes into its layout. This may involve many different things including colour schemes and images. So web developers usually have to get a little creative in the sense that they have to think about how they can make their web pages and their app look appealing to a mass audience. A good example of this is seen in the creation of android apps. Android app development involves a lot of thought, planning and careful implementation as developers have to make web pages look appealing for the large masses of smartphone users out there.

Web developers often use web design software like Dreamweaver or Photoshop as well as various software like Illustrator in order to create their web pages. Web pages created using Dreamweaver for mobile web application development might not look as good as those created with web design software like Photoshop. But software like Illustrator lets the web designer put together all kinds of shapes and images and move them around on the screen. And Dreamweaver enables the web designer to make use of specialised controls on the screen so that the user can drag text, resize it and make the interface colourful.

Mobile web development has also embraced a whole range of new technologies. One of these is the Cordless Phones and Bluetooth technology. Developers are able to develop applications which work seamlessly with Bluetooth enabled phones. Moreover, developers can integrate the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol into web development programs. The possibilities are simply endless when it comes to integrating new technologies in web development projects.

Another way in which web developers have to adapt to the latest market trends is by developing progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are those which load faster on slow cell phones. The focus is on providing users with a fast browsing experience. The development of progressive web apps requires web developers to take advantage of latest mobile web technologies. In other words, developers have to really up their game and ensure that they create high quality, interactive web pages.

Another way in which web developers have to develop in order to stay competitive is by creating mobile websites which are optimized for the small screen and large graphic dimensions. As most of us use cell phones to browse the Internet nowadays, it makes sense to create web applications which are designed to function well on these devices. This is the reason why most mobile development companies create web applications which are specifically designed to work well on mobiles. Developers often also choose to integrate social networking functionality into their websites.

It’s not only about designing websites which need to be adapted to the changing market trends. Web developers also have to pay close attention to the way in which they design their web applications as well. Most companies today prefer to create custom-designed websites using state-of-art development tools and platforms. However, not everyone can afford the kind of money it takes to hire top-notch web development teams to make custom-designed websites.

For those who want to develop websites in a cost-effective manner, they should look towards developing websites in a manner compatible with new technologies emerging in the market. However, web design and development professionals working in this domain need to pay close attention to the current trends prevalent in the market. By so doing, they ensure that their client’s website designs and applications are compatible with the latest requirements of the target audience. In fact, this is one of the most important reasons why mobile development is becoming a growing career scope.

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