Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Suspension

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Suspension

Vigorairride air ride suspension is also known as air spring suspension or air suspension. This innovative alternative replaces pneumatic shocks and coil springs with air shocks and air springs. Normally, it can offer a smooth ride and a stable driving experience for luxury cars, especially for off-road vehicles. In fact, it provides many advantages and some drawbacks.

The advantages of air suspension

Let’s check out what benefits airbags can offer to our vehicles.

No Springs (This is not a typical advantage though)

Air ride suspensions do not require steel coil springs, which are an essential suspension component in many cars. However, this eliminates the possibility that springs may wear down or break as in older vehicles with traditional suspensions. Spring removal frees up space underneath the vehicle offers the room you need for air compressors and airbags. However, it does give automotive engineers new ways to arrange the mechanical components beneath a car.

High-quality ride experience

The greatest advantage an air suspension offers is a smooth ride. When your car has an air ride suspension, airbags in each shock absorber are pumped with air using an air compressor. As a result, the air acts as a cushion for bumps, making the driver feel stable even on uneven road surfaces. Automatic leveling is also possible with airbag suspension systems. And it can keep the vehicle in a safe and accurate position while driving.

Experience less vibration and less noise with air suspension

Airbags significantly improve the driver’s comfort. Actually, air ride suspension systems will eliminate driver fatigue and discomfort from noise, vibration, harshness, and fatigue.

In addition, air suspension is less damaging to other parts when there’s less vibration. Because of the lower level of vibration and harshness, other components of your car will last longer. Cars with airbag suspensions are more durable. Why? It wears less naturally when the components are exposed to less vibration and harshness. Also, the same goes for the rest of your components.

This reduces the chance of the car skidding over uneven terrain. As we know, it is more likely to bounce if the car carries no load. However, you can stop this from happening with air suspension systems.

Increased fuel-economy using airbags

Air suspension systems can control ride height based on how fast your drive and how heavy your car carries. Unloaded trucks cause less strain on the suspension, so they sit higher. So, it can reduce wind resistance as a result. A lower ride height is better for aerodynamic because there’s less wind resistance. So, that’s how it leads to lower fuel consumption.

Airbag suspensions could deal with faster speeds while taking turns. Well, this is especially important for roads with many turns. It actually saves time.

 Airbags are more terrain-versatile  

Air suspension has the “kneel mode” feature. It’s great for lead. In addition, it also has the “raise” function which reduces bumps in off-road situations. These features have been improved the adjustability of the airbags suspension system.

Besides, the driver has two options when it comes to driving with an airbag suspension system. He can choose to cruise on the motorway with a smooth ride or he could opt for a more challenging ride. You know, the latter is a more difficult ride that allows him to handle steeper roads better.

what is an air suspension system

The airbag suspension is more effective for all wheels. This suspension can ensure that your truck is level when carrying heavy loads. Apart from that, it can also decrease the possibility of the body rolling in corners. Hence, it is possible to eliminate suspension sag this way.

A height control valve allows you to adjust the suspension for any load. Also, this enables a trailer to have either a higher or lower top while maintaining consistency and ensuring the trailer is at its maximum height.

It goes easy on the loads with an air suspension system

For fragile loads such as heavy panes of glass, air ride suspension can be safer. Air suspension goes easy on other loads. As a result, it makes it easier to transport them and reduces the likelihood that they will be left empty.

​This is obvious. Airbags provide a smooth and soft ride that produces less vibration. This means that the vibrations from your car’s interior will be milder. Airbags suspension adds an extra layer of cushioning to load so that loads don’t get damaged on bumpy roads.

An airbag suspension system can improve the transportability of certain loads. In fact, an air ride suspension increases the load ability by allowing for more grip.

You can get a prolonged tire service life

A suspension that is more efficient and suffers fewer vibrations means the tires won’t have to absorb that much damage. Thus, vehicle parts, including tires and other components, will last longer.

Drivers can also extend the life of their tires by lifting out-of-use axles.

It causes less damage to the road surfaces 

RUC benefits are not available for air suspension. But with less vibration, it can be a good thing for roads or bridges. Also, decreased vibration will be less damaging to nearby structures and buildings. Even better, noise pollution is also less.

The disadvantages of air suspension

On the other hand, airbags also bring some drawbacks.


Air ride suspension can fail in a variety of ways that aren’t possible with other suspension types. For example, airbags can burst from road debris and rubber gaskets that dry out over time. It is also possible for the lines connecting the bag to the suspension to break. If they are constantly running to compensate for a suspension leak, the compressor motors may wear down or fail.

Higher costs

Air ride suspension is a more expensive option than the simple, inexpensive suspension systems that most cars use. Back then, air suspension is only suitable for high-end vehicles like luxury cars or heavy-duty off-road vehicles. However, more and more automakers include airbag suspension as a factory suspension standard. Besides, car enthusiasts may find it pretty easy to add an airbag suspension kit is a modification using aftermarket solutions.

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