Analytics Capable Of Optimizing Digital Advertising Campaigns

Analytics Capable Of Optimizing Digital Advertising Campaigns

HubSpot is an advertising agency located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They offer services for both small and large companies. HubSpot was founded by Daniel Cates who studied advertising, marketing, and sales at Lehigh University. He went on to become the Director of Communications for KMS, where he launched KMS World. Mr. Cates developed HubSpot as a client company. Today, HubSpot offers online advertising solutions, social media management and analytics, pay per click management, and mobile marketing.

HubSpot’s online digital advertising exam can help you if you’re ready to launch a new online advertising campaign or improve an existing campaign. This certification will show that you understand the latest online marketing practices and can help you decide how to go about advertising on the web. HubSpot uses an innovative approach that draws from current consumer behavior. Studying their techniques will give you a clear path for creating a successful online campaign. Upon completion of the HubSpot exam, you will gain access to detailed information about the topics presented within the book and will be able to easily apply the material yourself.

Exam Question: The first question that you will be asked when you take this exam is “Based on the data below, it is believed that it would be beneficial for a company to create a campaign with the following characteristics.” What will be displayed under the attributes will determine the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Would a campaign that has greater conversion rate be more profitable? Would a campaign with greater click-through rates lead to greater revenue? Would using HubSpot dramatically improve the profitability of your campaign?

Answer: Based on the data below, it would be beneficial for a company to create a campaign that utilizes the characteristics listed above. Conversions are faster, cheaper, and more effective if they are created using HubSpot ads. Using existing customers and social media sites will generate a greater return on investment than trying to attract new people with an online advertisement. Creating ads that have already expressed interest will also help you establish better customer relationships.

HubSpot will create dynamic ads that search engines will recognize and rank highly in Google. They are designed with high relevance and are focused on providing the most relevant search results to a user’s needs. To increase the chance that your ad will be ranked highly within the search engines, it is important to optimize the ad. Using relevant and compelling keywords will help achieve higher placement. Selecting among the various social media platforms can also increase the chances that a user will click on your ads.

Question: Based on the information below, it is suggested that a company create a campaign that includes the attributes of HubSpot. The first attribute, behavioral targeting, allows for the company to determine which keywords are most likely to be searched by potential customers. For instance, when someone searches “credit cards” on Google, the ads shown will include words such as “charged”, “past due”, “low credit limit”, etc. When a user searches for these terms, the ad creative should be geared towards solving the potential customer’s dilemma. Another attribute, attribution tracking, enables the company to track where the advertisement is displayed. With this feature, the online advertising campaign can track where a visitor came from, when they clicked the ad, how long they spent on the site, how often they went back, and other important data.

To create an effective behavioral targeting strategy, HubSpot uses both internal and external web feeds. With the goal of contextual targeting, the content on the web page must be relevant to the website, which requires the development of an appropriate targeting strategy. The HubSpot platform allows for the developer to choose between a fixed and free-style grid for a given website. Both styles create a cohesive design that will effectively target the users in a certain area. The ads that are served through this flexible targeting strategy are most effective when placed at the center of the page or within the first two pages of the site.

The second attribute, collect research, is used to gain a better understanding of the online advertising consumer. The HubSpot developers choose measurement metrics such as click through rate (CTR), number of times the keyword has been used, average time on the site, and the number of conversions. These data are then merged with other data to form a more complete picture of the customer’s experience. With this information, the developers can fine tune their online advertising campaigns to ensure that they are meeting their goals, while minimizing their risk of making the wrong ads. With all the benefits of a flexible and custom-made contextual advertising platform, combined with the performance measurement capabilities of HubSpot, it is easy for businesses to maximize their online advertising investment through this highly engaging and powerful online advertising management system.

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