Can A Microlearning Platform For Remote Workers Improve Training?

Can A Microlearning Platform For Remote Workers Improve Training?

Today, the idea of remote working isn’t such a novelty. The silver lining of the pandemic and the lockdowns has been that companies realized that employees don’t necessarily need to spend all their time in the office to be productive. People can be just as efficient when they’re working from home. That said, work from home does have its own challenges. For example, you can’t get everyone together in a room when you’re onboarding new employees or for mandatory training. This is where a microlearning platform for remote workers can prove beneficial.

What is microlearning?

As the name suggests, microlearning involves breaking down the learning material into small bite-sized modules. This is typically made available through learning apps that can be accessed on a smart phone or laptop from anywhere as long as the person has a strong internet connection. Thus, it has built in portability and flexibility. 

So, how does a microlearning platform for remote workers improve training?

A microlearning platform can be used to onboard new employees, acquire new skills, upskill and improve productivity. 

It offers a personalized learning experience

The first main advantage of microlearning is that it is portable and flexible. You don’t have to wait till everyone is free at the same time and employees don’t have to take time out of their work hours to learn something new. Since it’s available on a smartphone, modules could be completed even when a person is travelling. It’s important to note that microlearning modules are short and don’t take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Apart from the improved accessibility, the pace of learning also becomes personalized. Everyone processes information at different speeds. A person who understands the subject on the first go could go faster while someone else may want to repeat a section to understand a concept. With microlearning, no one’s playing catch up and no one is forced to sit through a repeated section for someone else’s sake. 

It helps maintain a set standard of learning material

With remote working becomes a reality companies can expand their hiring scope to people in not just other cities but also other countries. Having that dream team of experts becomes much easier. However, when people are working in different time zones, getting them together on a video call for mandatory training isn’t easy. Using a microlearning app to impart training ensures that the same content is available to everyone. Thus, though they may study it at different times, everyone is on the same page. When an update is made, the update automatically becomes available to everyone so that they can all access it and put it in use instantly. 

It makes the learning process more engaging

When you’ve organized team workshops in the past you would have realized that some people do pay attention o everything being said but there are some who use the time to catch up on emails or drift off to day-dream land. One of the reasons for this is that humans have a very short attention span. Expecting someone to stay focussed on learning a new skill for hours at a stretch is highly unrealistic. Some people may skip a training session simply because it seems too long and would take time away from a project they’re working on.

Microlearning addresses this issue in two ways. Firstly, the subject matter is broken down into small micro modules. Each module is designed to cover a specific topic within 10-15 minutes. The shortened length ensures that people stay focussed on the content from start to end. It becomes easier to understand and is retained for a longer time. Secondly, the content is presented in many different ways. For some subject a slideshow may be most effective while for others a video clip is a better choice. Depending on the subject, you can use varied modes of presentation to ensure that the content is understood properly. Not to forget, shorter modules are easier to complete. There’s a sense of satisfaction achieved on completing a module that pushes a person to be willing to complete 3 module of 10 minutes each on a stretch rather than a single 30-minute module.

A microlearning platform for remote workers can be beneficial to companies of all sizes. Are you ready to start creating microlearning lessons for your team?

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