New Mobile Phones From Samsung

New Mobile Phones From Samsung

With the explosion of cellular technology, mobile internet usage has grown exponentially. In this scenario, almost everyone in the world can access the internet. Thus, it has become a necessity to keep abreast with the latest mobile technological advancements. Today, there are numerous mobile portals that offer timely updates and information on different mobile devices.


For example, here, you can discover the latest high-end smartphones and palm-built feature phones released around the globe. However, if you really want to view them all (which includes upcoming palm-made phones) in reverse chronological order, rather than just the first 100 mobile phones released, you could always visit the Mobile News Hub’s Gadgets 360 Phone Tracker page where you can find them listed in order of popularity. Here, you also have the option to find the best selling gadgets released for each month or year. For instance, from the mid-90s onwards, the Motorola Dream with the QWERTY keypad and the Microsoft Exchange Server have dominated the list.

As far as smartphones go, the Motorola DROID is one of the best phones ever created by any company. It is equipped with Windows operating system and has an assortment of features such as GPS, imaging tools, Wifi, USB connectivity and fast data transmission. Apart from being the pioneer manufacturer of this device, Samsung is also one of its major supporters. For every model launched by this collaboration, a series of tools have been bundled with it such as the Android SDK, dialer software, Google Play app, Samsung apps, and many more.

The next best phone in the category is undoubtedly the LG Optimus. This is considered to be an excellent smartphone in every sense. It has a sleek body that looks very nice and sporty. It also comes with a huge 6.2-inch Super AMOLED capacitive screen that is capable of giving bright and crisp colors. With a quad-core processor and an Adreno 400M GPU, the Optimus comes with all the necessary features required to run the most demanding apps available on a smartphone.

The other phone in the best phones list that needs to be mentioned is the HTC Desire. This is another smartphone that was developed by HTC. This one has a very modern look and features a very large 5.2-inch display. On the contrary, the iPhone 4 comes with a smaller LCD. The iPhone has a higher refresh rate as compared to the Desire and thus provides better quality graphics.

Coming to the ultra mobile phones, the Apple iPhone 4S and the HTC Desire S are two such examples. Both of these handsets are able to fit into your pocket whenever you need them to do so. In fact, the iPhone comes with a much larger storage space as compared to the Desire. There is no comparison between these two handsets as far as the media sharing feature is concerned. However, the HTC Desire S comes out as the best phone when it comes to connectivity and internet usage.

Last but not least is the HTC One mini with the Full HD Plus and the infinity-o amoled screen. The HTC One mini has all the features that one needs to make the most of a smartphone device. It comes with a powerful octa-core mobile processor, the Adreno rating of which is 1340 pixels per second. There is also a generous amount of RAM for this device along with the HDTV tuner, connectivity options like USB, Bluetooth and GPS and lots of memory space. The mini has been designed in such a way that it can be easily carried around without causing any inconvenience.

Apart from this, there are many new smartphones that have been launched recently. Some of the famous handsets include the LG Optimus and Nokia E71. These two models have been designed especially for low priceumers and they can be easily bought from the online shops. This makes the new smartphone segment very lucrative and this is one reason why there is an intense competition in this segment.

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